Owning a Domain Name

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First requirement to establish a website is to buy a domain. One has to choose a domain name entirely distinguishable from others as it is the URL address for websites. Next step is to buy it from the registrars who sell it. With the co-existence of so many registrars to choose from and the (read on...)

Domain Registration and Web Hosting Are Two Different Things, You Need Both to Run a Website

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It will not be a surprise that you come across a person that only know about domain name and say this is my website and have no knowledge of web hosting. Let me explain both of these terms in simple English for novice computer users. Domain registration means acquiring a name on the Internet, (read on...)

Briefing About The Domain Name System

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Configuring a BIND DNS server is not a very difficult task but it can pose some problems if the principles of the DNS are not well understood. The BIND comes with almost any Linux distribution and it not, it can be installed easily. I recommend you to start with a very basic DNS server first and (read on...)