What Is the Structure of a Domain Name?

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In easy English, a domain name is an address to a website. As in real life every address has to be unique. Originally domain names did not exist, instead one had to type in a long string of numbers which is known as an IP Address. Domain names are a more user friendly way of accessing a website (read on...)

What a Domain Is – And What A Domain Is Not

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Actually, articles claiming to define “domain names” run to many hundreds of search engine pages. For that reason this article will also include three things that a domain name is not. Perhaps the clearest, most concise definition is provided by that grand-old-staple of the Internet (read on...)

Exactly What is a Domain Name? Help for Newcomers

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Domains are an easier more efficient way for users to navigate the internet and for website owners who conduct ecommerce to create a brand and identity. Domain names, like mysite.com, or mybusiness.com, are coupled to an IP address (the IP address represents a physical location on the Internet (read on...)