The A, B, Cs Of Registering A Domain

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Do you want to create your own website without paying anyone a dime for it? If you are not a tech savvy person, you may not be sure where to get started. But this can be pretty easy if you have the right information. This article gives you five simple steps to getting your own domain, which is the first step you have to take before you can start building your own site.

Domain registration is the first step to creating a website. A domain is nothing but the name given to a website, its very own identity. This is unique and even a character more or less will result in an error. Follow these five simple steps to registering a domain and you will be on your way to having your own web presence to promote your business.

Step 1: Identify a Name

The name is very important since this will be your identity in the virtual world. This can be based on the following –

Your business Name – Perfect when you are promoting a business you have just set up

Your Name – Great for professionals like lawyers, artists, doctors etc. who are the primary service providers

Your Product Name – Fits a model where you have several products and want to promote them individually

Keyword Based – This is a newer and advanced concept, and depends on some research about what is popular

Step 2: Identify an extension

Domains have various extensions. In a typical name format ‘A.B’, A is the name and B is the extension. This is representative of your business. Country specific websites have extensions like ‘.ca’, ‘.au’, ‘.us’, ‘.fr’ etc. Others like ‘.com’ or ‘.biz’ denote commercial intent. ‘.Gov’ and ‘.Edu’ are reserved for government and education.

Choose something that makes the most sense for your business and promotion plan.

Step 3: Choosing a registrar

There are many companies who are licensed to sell domains. GoDaddy is perhaps the biggest of these. But there could also be others.

Step 4: Search for the Name you Want

Once you finalize all of the above, you need to go to the registrar’s home page, such as and search for the names you want. The search will show you if the name is available. If not, you will be provided with alternate suggestions of something similar.

Step 5: Finalizing a Name and Registration Process

You will need to choose a name based on the suggestions given. This could mean shortening a name, using abbreviations or acronyms or adding a prefix or suffix. Once the screen shows that your choice is available, it is time to complete the registration and payment process. This is very simple like any web checkout where you just enter your payment information.

And that’s it! You have your own domain – your own piece of real estate on the internet! You have successfully completed the first step to building your own website. Wasn’t that as easy as A, B, C?

The only time consuming task in this whole exercise is thinking about a name. This is because you need to brainstorm a bit, maybe sound it off your friends, and then zero down on a name that fits your image and plans. The actual steps are simple, as you have already seen here.

Remember, you cannot shy away anymore from having a web presence. Get this free WordPress guide and you can have an attractive functional website up in no time.

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