The A-Z Of Making Money On The Internet – D – Domain Names

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Why do I need a website?

The truth is – you don’t need a website to make money on the internet. Once you equip and arm yourself with all the knowledge and information that you need you will discover that there are ways to make money on the internet without the need to have a website or domain of your own. On the other hand, if you are really serious about making a substantial income online then a website or a number of websites could make an exponential difference to your income.

Choosing a domain name

Depending on the particular niche or niches that you have chosen and the product or products within those niches, it is always useful to find a domain name that will “lend itself” optimally to the flow of heavy traffic to your website. I suggest that you spend some time making sure what type of products you would prefer to promote and then search for an ideal name for your website. There are more than enough sellers of domain names on the internet. You should find one with ease.

Choosing a domain host

It is of course possible for anyone to build and host his or her own website. To build and maintain a website is certainly no rocket science and if you have the time and the inclination you could acquire the skill in a very short time. However, the quality of your site is going to be a key to your success online. The cost of hosting varies considerably and you can expect to pay upwards from ten dollars per month for a decent host.


The elaborateness or number of pages is not what makes a successful website. There are many single page websites making lots of money for its owners on the internet. The effectiveness and efficiency of the content is what matters. Drawing the traffic to your site, turning that traffic into prospects and the prospects into buyers with a simple message that persuades them to make a purchase within the shortest possible time – that is what a website should do for its owner.

Lifelong learning

The internet is an ever evolving universe of its own. It does help to stay abreast of things by regularly checking your favourite search engine with phrases like “drawing internet traffic”, “search engine optimisation”, “pay per click” and “latest trends internet marketing”. In this way you will not be left behind in the race for the internet’s millions.

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