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The key to unlocking the awesome power of the world wide web, is to simply own and control strategic keyword .com names. This statement has been the mantra of the growing number of investors and small business owners on the Web today. The investment class of premium .com domain names is the fastest growing investment class on the planet.

Anyone interested in joining the ranks of successful domain name investors will tell you it is the most exciting investment class that is available to investors today. The 800 pound gorilla of this investment category lies within the .com extension. It is the extension of choice for all the worlds dominant players in the eBiz space. This extension has created more, over night millionaires than any of the other extensions combined.

The preference of most of the worlds most successful companies, has and always will be the .com extension. Even so, competing extensions like .tv and .mobi have been introduced by I.C.A.N.N. as alternatives to the .com extension, to appease the great demand pressure for good domain names. Many of these extensions have invested a lot of time and money trying to convince business owners that their extension is the extension of the future. Professional Web developers and business owners have obviously not been convinced of this.

The competition for strategically targeted keyword .com names is so fierce that large corporations have resorted to U.D.R.P. filings in order to try and steal these already leased names from legitimate paying small business lease holders. These U.D.R.P. filings are a shady way to legally steal names from their rightful owners. Most if not all U.D.R.P. filings go after the prized names in the .com extension. So as you can guess there are reasons for this preference for .com extension names and it all boils down to money.

The .com extension has become the leader in Web traffic and volume business revenues, in spite of all the competing extensions advertising spin efforts to convince business owners otherwise. So we 10 years ago decided to concentrate our investments in the .com extension. We ,luckily, put together a marketing strategy to take advantage of the awesome marketing power of the world wide Web staying within the dominant marketing channel of the .com extension.

The strategy we chose incorporates key word .com names and has evolved into what we have come to call premium, Vertical, Branded, Key Word, Domain Names. It was a simple idea and it has been said by others down through history, that sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ideas.

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