The Case For A "Spare" Domain Name

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When taking a long journey in your car out into remote areas, it’s wise to carry spares even though it’s unlikely you’ll ever use them. In the world of online business, the same wisdom can apply to your domain name.

We tend to take our domain name for granted and that it will continue working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for eternity – well, for ever how long we have it registered for anyway.

Imagine waking up one morning to find that your name isn’t working – and by not working, I’m not referring to a glitch associated with your web site hosting account but something amiss at the registrar level.

This could occur for any number of reasons – a technical or administrative problem at the registrar’s or registry’s end, or even an over-zealous government agency incorrectly suspecting your web site to be engaged in some sort of nefarious online activity directing the registrar to remove or change crucial details that renders it inoperable.

While such occurrences are rare, they can and have happened.

What would you do in such a situation?

A U.S. company whose site’s domain name was temporarily disabled under odd circumstances on direction from a US government agency was able to continue functioning through the use of another domain name it already had registered.

The company, which provided a form hosting service, was then able to contact all its customers to advise of a simple change they would need to make in order that their forms remain functional while the company sorted out the situation with the agency.

The incident was disruptive enough in itself, but without the extra domain name registered and already pointed to the site’s files, it could have been disastrous.

Domain name registration is so cheap these days; so keeping a ‘hot spare’ won’t cause excessive financial burden or administrative headaches.

The best choices for your spare of course are the same name, but with a different extension – such as dot net or even dot org. If those aren’t available, a dot biz or dot info name will also do the trick. If you should ever change name servers, you’ll just need to remember to also update your spare.

Don’t wait for disaster to strike as should it happen and you register a new name in a crisis situation, it can take some time for where it points to update around the Internet – this is called the “propagation window”.

While keeping a spare name ready won’t help you in all situations; a little cheap insurance is often better than none at all and it could mean the difference between the ongoing success of your business and its sudden failure.

Michael Bloch is an online business consultant with years of experience in the web hosting and domain names sector. Michael is currently consulting for Australia-based Domain Registration Services, who specialize in Australian domain name registration and also offer other extensions.

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