The Complete Guide To Choosing A Domain Name

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Knowing how to choose a domain name is one of the most important things that you need to learn. The reason for this is that it represents your address on the internet of your physical website.

This is absolutely critical as this will represent your business identity. If you get this wrong it will make it more difficult for you to succeed. There are hundreds of millions of names on the internet today with the rapid explosion.

My approach to choosing a suitable one is the following. Say for example if you are selling weight loss products and the name of your product is Herbal Go. You cannot name your site herbalgodotcom. The reason for this is that it should be a name that people will be looking for if they search on the internet. So in this example it could be loseweightfastdotcom. If you have a few links pointing to your website there is a much better chance it will be found when somebody types in lose weight fast.

Similarly if you own an offline business the domain name should be exactly the same as your business. For example if you owned a store called Joe’s Used Cars then your name would be So if somebody is looking for it on the internet they would simply type in the name of the business and find it.

I am sure that you get the idea now. This is a really important point. Just think about Google do you think they would be so successful today if they called it a long and obscure name. It helps to build your brand up and also increase your business.

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