The Mistakes that Internet Marketers Make When Choosing Domain Names

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Having your own site or pool of people to make famous on the Internet can be quite an exhilarating experience, and it is this exhilarating experience that Internet marketers go through almost every day, if not every hour. Because of the vast landscape that is the Internet in terms of tastes, demographics, and age; and because of the rapidly changing face of these same tastes, demographics, and age, Internet marketing can be a challenge. Internet marketers have to be constantly updated on trends in the market: what words do people respond to quickly? Does a long domain name mean uniqueness or will it turn people off and annoy them?

These are only a few questions that Internet marketers ask when it comes to choosing a domain name for a site. A domain name is simply the short hand URL of a website, and it can be followed by a dot com, dot net, dot org, or dot biz, depending on the nature of the company that owns the domain name; for an extra fee, companies or businesses affiliate themselves with their countries and thus have an extra extension at the end of their domain names. The short hand can be as obvious as dot US (for U.S.-based companies) or dot UK (for companies based in Great Britain); or it can be more attuned to the country’s old spelling, such as dot DE (for companies based in Germany, or Deutschland, to the Germans) and dot hr (for companies based in Croatia, or Hrvatska).

Choosing a domain name can be fairly easy, but then again, a domain name is also the name that a company will bear for quite a long time online. It needs to be short enough so that it can still be picked out as unique amongst all the other domain names out there; and needs to be long enough that it can still allow people to know what the company or business is without them forgetting what the URL is at all. There are many ways that Internet marketers can go wrong when choosing a domain name, and sometimes, it’s all a matter of common sense.

Domain Name Choosing Myth Number 1: The Shorter it is, the Better. This is not always the case: with people scrambling all over the World Wide Web for a short domain name, your short domain name can get lost in the Internet muck of domain names. If you are only one domain name amongst the many, you’ll have an even harder time standing out unless you are already a well-founded company with a solid following offline.

Domain Name Choosing Myth Number 2: A Dot Com is Always Better. Remember, you choose your domain name extensions for a reason, not for a money hunting season. Take on a dot com if you are a commercial firm; if you are a private individual, you can also take on a dot com, but you might not find yourself on the receiving end of the money that you might want if you take on dot net or dot biz. A dot net extension is for networks, a dot biz for businesses; there are also dot govs, for government institutions, dot edu for educational institutions, and dot org for organizations. Remember, your domain name identifies you, so pick the right domain name extension.

Domain Name Choosing Myth Number 3: Sex Sells! Well, not all domain names are sexed-up of course, but sometimes, overweening Internet marketers tend to think that sexy names will make domain names even more interesting. If you’re selling lingerie and sexy outfits, then by all means, go for pretty-lacy-encounters dot com. But if you’re not, save your dignity and look for a domain name that speaks about you, not your wish to apply desperately to the basest instincts of people if only to make money.

Domain Name Choosing Myth Number 4: Txt Speling S Nyc. Watch your spelling and don’t go Net-Speak on your domain name! Remember, if you can’t spell it right, people may actually look at you as someone who can’t do anything else right. True, you may sound hip to the younger crowd, but are you sure that you want to keep your poorly spelled domain for the long haul when your market finally grows up and discovers the power of good spelling?

These are only a few tips that you might want to keep in mind when choosing a domain name. Choose a name for your site as you would choose a name for your child: you want your kid to have fun on the playground and not get picked on; you want to make money online, and not get laughed at.

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