The New .ME TLD Extension

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Well I’m sure most of you are all aware about the .ME TLD extension that was released on the 17th of this month. The popularity over them was just mind boggling. They were being sold so fast that GoDaddy was not able to keep up with the WHOIS information.

People were trying to register names that had already been sold but due to the GoDaddy issue they were still being listed as available. Obviously this caused quite an upset with people as they thought they had just got a hold of an excellent premium name. Personally I didn’t have that issue and was able to register a nice little

I’m not sure what my full intentions are going to be for this extension as I haven’t really put much thought to it yet. Currently just have it aging nicely over at Sedo.

No one is really sure what the .ME extension is going to hold in regards to a dollar value but here are a few that recently sold in auction.

Domain Name Current Price Bids $75 1 $75 1 $805 7 $3,605 13 $1,855 25

Here is a listing that is currently running an auction: 85 1D 20H $12,505

If things keep selling for prices that I have just listed im going to very tempted to hold on to the .ME TLD that I purchased. Only time will really tell what happens though. They could all just flop and become as cheap and inexpensive as the .INFO extension.

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