The Process of Internet Domain Registration

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It is not difficult to process an Internet domain registration. Anyone with access to the Internet can register one or several domain names. The basic requirements are a domain registrar, a domain name, entry of essential information, and payment to the registrar. Of course, lack of knowledge of the basic terminology or about how the process of Internet domain registration is managed can make it seem anything but simple. This can result in a reluctance to initiate the process. Registrar, domain, domain name…what exactly does it mean? Fortunately, all this can be put into perspective.

The term domain refers to the actual website. The domain name is the address that allows people to access the site. A website that has been accredited as a domain registrar will manage your Internet domain registration, collecting the necessary information, sending it to a central directory, and maintaining your registration records. There are many domain name registrars available. A Web host will not only process your Internet domain registration, but will help you build and maintain a website as well. If you do not have a strong technical background, filing your Internet domain registration through a Web hosting site may be the answer.

Sometimes the part of the Internet domain registration that seems the easiest, like creating your domain name, may be the more difficult than expected. Like postal addresses, Internet domain names must follow a specified format and be unique. Following the standard www the domain name consists of a name, then what is known as an extension. The most common extension is .com, but there are several others available. An example might be www myownwebsite dot com. The name should be reflective of the website it will represent. Together, the name and extension must form a domain name no one else has registered. The Internet has a governing body, ICANN, which ensures each domain name is unique, and that the required information is collected during the Internet domain registration. Access to the information stored from the Internet domain registration process is available on the InterNIC website. The registry itself is WHOIS.

Fortunately, most Internet domain registrars provide a search to determine availability of the name you want. The search will tell you it is available or offer suggestions. If none are satisfactory, you can enter a new name and search again until you find an available name that suits your need. Now you are on your way. Provide the data required. File the form. Your Internet domain registration is complete and your registrar will alert you when it is ready to use.

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