The Quick and Dirty on Choosing a Domain Name

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Many people ask me to give them advice on which domain name to choose…

Example: Which one do you think is better for a driving school in a city named Kelowna? (Assuming they’re all available!)






If you answered “b” or “e” you got it right!

So what’s wrong with the others? Well they all violate the 3 golden rules of domain names in some way.

When choosing a domain name remember the golden rules:

1. Be short. (A to D aren’t great, but D especially fails)

Nobody wants to type in a long, tedious domain name… people are lazy.

2. Be easy to spell. (not ambiguous, no numbers, or tricky spelling so C and D fail)

This is violated ALL THE TIME. People are trying to cute and funny, but all they’re doing is losing customers. Eg. Is it “2kool4u” or “toocoolforyou” or “twocoolfouryou” ??? Get the idea? Here’s a simple test: verbally tell someone your domain name idea, then ask them to write in down. If they messed up the spelling, drop the name – it’s no good.

3. Be specific. (A and D are too generic to be of much use, although “A” may be a good extra “keyword domain name” to own to help your Google ranking)

The idea is to be catchy. While “” is a good keyword domain, it’s a terrible business name because it’s a description of pretty much every driving school.

Bottom line: Get a domain name that’s SHORT, EASY to spell, and MEMORABLE! And it better have at least one keyword relating to your business, or buy yourself some keyword domains and point them to your main site!

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