The US Economy and It’s Affect on Domain Names

November 24, 2011 by  Filed under: Domain 

As you are all likely aware the US economy is in a major slowdown, if not a recession officially? Bank failures, Government bailouts, and talk of another Great depression has caused stocks to plummet, interest rates to fall, and spending to dry up. Being a domainer myself, I have found that this is the perfect time to pick up those valuable domain names at deep discounts. Whether you are looking to shop for 3 letter dot com domains, or generic word domains, the next several months promise to be prime time for buyers. It is a buyers market for the first time in the domain industry since I have been investing. If you have the cash available, you might as well invest it wisely in what seems to the be future of business, domain names.

Rather then allowing your money to sit in the bank making 1-3% annually in interest, while inflation is over 4%, or investing your money in what is currently the most volatile stock market since the mid 1980’s, put your money to work for you by purchasing traffic domains which will earn you daily interest via parking revenue, while also appreciating in value greatly, especially after we come out of this current economic disaster we are in. Here are 2 things to look for while investing in the current domain name market.

#1 Untrademarked typo’s with traffic

Look for domains which are getting type in typo traffic. For example, domains with the word recession spelled recession (with 1 “s”). or anything that’s getting traffic currently. These domains can be picked up dirt cheap compared to the yearly earnings you may be making in a Bank CD.

#2 Three and Four Letter dot com domains

Without a doubt these short domain names are the future. There are only about 17,000 3-letter dot coms in existence, and over 50% of these are developed websites. The great thing about short dot com domains is that as people register the dot orgs, dot nets, and dot whatever other extensions their are of those letters, you will benefit from their traffic. Also note that even 3 and 4 letter dot coms with bad letters such as “z”, “x”, “q” can be goldmines 5 years down the road. China and India will have huge markets for these 3 and 4 letter domains.

In conclusion I would recommend that if you have extra cash sitting around, then jump into the domain marketplace.

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