Tips and Tricks to Starting Your Very Own Website

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Starting a new website can be a frustrating process, particularly if you’re doing it for the first time. But let me assure you that it’s a rewarding journey, especially once you start getting traffic on your website and start making some money off it too. All those long hours spent hunched in front of your laptop screen seem worth the effort once the greens start coming in. And I say this all from personal experience.

Through this article, I will try to explain this process of creating or making a new website in a brief and step-by-step manner, which will be easy to understand and comprehend for anyone reading this.

1. The first step towards the creating of your website is getting a domain name, such as The domain name could be anything of your choice – from your first name, to the name of your business or anything else that you might want to name your website. Domain search resources can greatly assist you with this process. You could go to any domain search website, enter your desired domain to see if its available and the places it can be bought from if it is available.

2. After the domain search process, you need to choose a webhost, and sign up for their services. Usually, the domain search tool or service that you used in the previous step would assist you with this process by recommending you a good webhost. At this point, you would need to choose a webhosting package that would fit your requirements in terms of bandwidth, as well as your budget.

3. You would then need to design (or have someone design) the pages of your website. If you are familiar with using WYSIWYG web editors such as Dreamweaver (which is the most popular and widely-known of all), you could do it yourself. Alternatively, you could either hire a firm to do it for you, or you could hire a freelance web-designer for the purpose as well. Bear in mind that your website needs to be ‘Search Engine friendly’.

4. Once the pages have been designed, it’s time for a little test. I personally recommend testing the website with all major web browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE directly.

5. You would ideally want to add a mechanism to make money off your website, such as getting credit card info (if you’re selling something), affiliate marketing, linking your website PayPal (for donations) or putting Google AdSense on your website. Hopefully with the help of domain search, you would have chosen a good ‘brand name’ to market yourself as effectively as possible.

6. Finally, to spread the word, you could go for the promotion of your website over social media such as Facebook and Twitter, to submitting it to search engines, to ads in print and electronic mediums. The sky’s the limit here.

As with everything in life, the first step is usually the most important. Make sure you put domain search tools to good use, as all other steps depend on giving yourself the best possible brand identity.

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