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Domain names for top level domains are often difficult to find for a reasonable price. This is because domain names that are at the top are often reserved for major corporations.

These names may also be reserved for other organizations, or even upcoming television shows. In some situations, there are individuals who do ‘prospecting’ of names.

This is a process where an individual will buy a domain name that they guess will be useful at a later date. For example, if a new television show is coming out, or if a particular current even hits the news, many people will try to immediately register domain names that are related to the particular topic.

It can cost a hundred dollars or more for a domain name if the one selling it knows that domain names in that range will be worth a lot of money one day. But prospectors try to get a head of the game by guessing what domain names will be worth the most and buying them on the cheap.

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The reason why this happens is because many top names will sell for thousands of dollars. This obviously only occurs situations where someone guessed completely right about the type of domain that would be needed by a giant corporation in the future.

In some situations, especially in the early decades of the Internet, where domains would be registered for a different purpose, sometimes there would be a coincidence where someone would register their domain for their company, and it would happen to have the same name as a major corporation that showed up later.

This also happened with television shows. In this situation, the corporation, TV show, or other major entity would have to either negotiate with the owner of domain names that they might want, or find something else that may be less suitable.

In recent years, it’s common for any big organization to make sure they have the top domains they want before they actually do anything at all. They might by a name before they even completely incorporate, or make any announcements to the public whatsoever.

This is to make sure that no one tries to seize all domains that might be good for them in a strategy to force money out of them. It’s a good idea to find the top names you want before hand whenever starting a business for this reason since many people will do this against you if they think that they have any chance of pulling it off.

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