Two Easy Ways to Make Money From Internet Real Estate – Namely Buying and Selling Domain Names!

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I’m a great believer in dreaming up new product ideas daily, some for my own business, some to write about for my readers.

These ideas focus on domain names and the immense prices often paid for them on eBay and other domain name auction selling sites, like Sedo, for instance.

I’m new to Sedo, I knew nothing about this domain name auction company until a week ago when one of my readers told me she buys domain names and resells them at Sedo. She sometimes makes just twenty or thirty pounds profit, she has made hundreds on one or two domain names, and she’s no stranger to making thousands of pounds just weeks after registering an inexpensive domain name.

I won’t go into the whys and wherefores about selling on Sedo, it’s all there for you to read about at

All you need from me is a shock account of the prices fetched for domain names at Sedo, even names we can all dream up with a little practice.

Having looked at recent prices fetched at Sedo, I began looking for unregistered domain names sell on eBay or Sedo and I’m surprised how easy it actually is.

It won’t surprise you to know I’ve decided, every day, to spend at least fifteen minutes dreaming up new domain names with potential to fetch such high prices. It isn’t difficult, and there are ways to ease the search and also add another possible income stream to the exercise:

1) Do your search at or where you’ll discover all available suffixes for your chosen words as well as a list of unregistered domains for words closely resembling whatever you keyed into those company’s search engines. So if, for example, you search alternative suffixes for a domain that’s just fetched thousands of pounds on Sedo, it isn’t unusual to find many still unregistered and with similar profit potential. I know that because I’ve just registered the version of several high ticket sales for .com versions.

2) When you find a suffix available for which the .com or other version suffix has already been registered, check out the web site for the registered domain. You’ll often find a profitable new business idea to start right away and a great domain name available to accompany it!

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