Understanding the Fundamentals of Domain Name Registration

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The power of internet has evolved over the years as a tool for progress. It is time to utilize it as a host rather than a passive user. It is time to acknowledge how appreciably this knowledge can shape our lives.

One of the many vital aspects of internet is “Domain Name Registration”. One must understand the concept optimally to use the internet power, as it alone opens infinite possibilities for you to capitalize on.

Domain name is a website name that we enter in the address bar to explore the intended website. Also known as the ‘hostname’, it serves as the identity of any accessible destination on the internet. A domain name refers to the name preceded by http:// or www in any URL. For example, the domain names in URLs like www.xyz123xyz.com and http://xyz123xyz.edu are xyz123xyz.com and xyz123xyz.edu, respectively.

A Domain Name may ideally consist of numerals (0-9), alphabets (a-z) and hyphen (-), so to allow memorable names, wider options and higher recall capacity. It is understood by the Domain Name System (DNS) through a unique IP (Internet Protocol) address, which is a 32 bit binary code. IP address is decoded by the system to find a website’s exact location on the internet.

The extension in any domain name varies on the basis of the nature of field specialization and location. Some of the commonly used extensions are .edu, .com, .org, standing for education, commercial and organization, respectively. Further, a domain name registration of Australia may have .au as an extension, as in www.xyz123xyz.edu.au.

Domain Name Registration as such is fairly easy. First you decide on some Domain Names for your website. Then the same are checked for availability on the internet by simply exploring them through the address bar. If the desired domain name is available, it can be bought by any of the Domain Name Registrar, or commonly known as ‘Server Site’. Domain Name Registrars are those who have space for supporting your web portal on the internet and also have accreditation from the international body – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and/ or by national ccTLD authority.

To conclude, Domain Registration can be done with various extensions depending upon your requirement and availability. It can be purchased from any of these registrars by paying the initial fee over the internet. Once the Domain Name has been purchased, it means that hostname is reserved for your use and you can make your website and upload it on the address.

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