Value Your Domain Names Equal To Your Trade Marks

November 24, 2011 by  Filed under: Domain 

Most businesses still regard their domain names as of lesser value than their trademarks and trade names. The protection of trademarks is big business and also a very specialized field managed by attorneys specializing in the registration and protection of trademarks and trade names. They use special techniques in protecting the valuable trademarks of their clients by registering protective trademarks in addition to the main trademarks and names. Why is it then, that the value of domain names is neglected by businesses and these specialists?

Maybe business and their legal advisers still regard Internet business of lesser importance and therefore regard domain names as a minor issue. As a business owner, you should also protect the value of your internet domain – protecting it by registering and maintaining protective domains in addition to your main domain. As illustrated lately in court cases like Mr Plastic versus Mr Plastic & Mining Promotional Goods (PMPG), the protection of your trademarks should also include relevant domain names on the internet. If neglected, it can be costly to your business in future. Some legal companies now recognize this important issue and started advising their customers in this regard. Many smaller businesses do however not realize these facts and should wake up to reality. Many of our smaller businesses will grow into bigger enterprises over time and may end up spending huge amounts on legal costs to protect their interests.

The registration and hosting of domains are now well controlled in South Africa and the ownership of registered domains should be regarded as of equal importance to business. As an Internet marketing and hosting company, Fresh Lemon Media wish to call on all business owners to seek expert advice on this issue and protect their rights in a world where Internet marketing and web business increase on a daily basis.

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