Various Types of Names to Make Your Online Presence Felt

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If you have created a website to generate business then you need to bring prospective customers from various places to your website. More the people reaching your website more are the chances of enhancing your income. The first step in this direction is the selection of domain name for your website.

There is an argument – get the name of your organization as your domain. But what if your company is new and not many people are aware of its name then you will be losing traffic to your website through search engine as people won’t be searching by your name. Also a URL just having your company’s name may not give idea to the surfers what your website is all about and what your company deals with. It’s a good idea to have different domains for your organization and link them all to your business website.

Here are few types of domain names which will definitely improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your business website without doubt. First one is to have domain name rich in keywords that suit the type of your business. Your website will be placed higher in search engine results and that help to drive more traffic to your website.

Second type of names that you should look for your business to flourish is call-to action names. These names will motivate the net users and will tell them what exactly they can expect from your business website. Some of the examples are names like or

Third one is the names suggesting benefits that readers will have on visiting the website. These names convince the surfers to click the link and visit the website for their desires. Names like or are some of the examples.

As the internet has got older, you may not be able to get domain names of your choice. Already the names of your requirement are in use, as the saying goes – Need is the Father of Invention, hyphenated names are used; in between the letters of the name hyphens are placed. The advantages of hyphenated names are you can have domain name that you want and the keywords used in the name are clear for search engines to place the site in search results.

However there are few big disadvantages also. While typing the surfer may forget to place hyphens and would land up at your competitor’s website; this way you will be helping your competitor. Also while conveying site verbally generally hyphens are forgotten that leads to potential error in reaching the website with hyphenated names.

Domain hosting has several meaning. You should not confuse domain name with web hosting. You can lean more about domain name in our BlueHost domain FAQ.

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