What Are the Advantages of International Domains?

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As you have probably noticed, there are endless combinations of extensions available for your domain name. I used to be surprised when I discovered ccTLDs I didn’t even realise existed, and impressed when an individual had used them creatively. What is the point of these ccTLDs? General opinion is that .com is the only thing that matters, and that a .com will give better success to a company, but in this article I would like to discuss with you the benefits of international domains.

The battle to register .com is harsh. What you might call an ‘amazing’ domain name will be taken in seconds or set up in competitive auctions. Sure, you could choose an alternative name but for many this is not a pleasant option. International domains can help you acquire your desired name without having to make any alterations. There is a greater range of choice and many of these extensions are more widely used than you’d imagine. For example, China makes good use of the ccTLD .cn with over 1 million registered.

You will discover hundreds of different languages throughout the Internet and the so called ‘King of the Web’, Google, shows its interest in these members of the Internet community by providing the website in different languages, finding local results. If you make use of international domains you will be shown as one of these local result.

You may be looking to acquire a domain name not for personal reasons, but for professional reasons. If this is true then your focus could be on potential customers, and expanding globally. Making use of international domains can help you gather clients locally, from those who find it easier to trust an extension they recognise.

The term brand protection does not commonly make you think of domain names, however there is an emerging service that makes use of international domains in order to protect your product. The way this works is by stopping third parties from registering the domain name later on and causing competition and legal disputes by taking the proactive approach and registering a package of domains.

It is important to realize that not all international domains can be registered without a second thought. Most can be registered through registrars such as 101 Domains, but a few need a local presence to be accepted. This can be for a variety of reasons, some due to their popularity. However, don’t let this deter you – there are still hundreds for you to choose from.

As mentioned at the beginning, there is great creativity that can arise from the extensions that are available for use. Matt Mullenweg is a very influential man when it comes to the online world. A founding developer of the well-known WordPress and the owner of a blog with an unforgettable name: ma.tt, .tt being the extension for Trinidad and Tobago.

In conclusion, I believe that more people should start seeing international domains as an option because, though .com is winning in popularity, ccTLDs have a number of advantages.

If this article has convinced you and you are now considering acquiring an international domain for either you or your company, make use of the wonderful services provided by the experienced 101 Domains.

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