What Everybody Ought to Know About Domain Reselling Business

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Reselling Domain Names

Providing for Domain Registrations Services can be an extremely profitable business if you make the right choices; in terms of your parent provider such as an established Registrar. Here’s how reselling domain names works and tips on choosing a good provider:

*Reselling Domain Names – The Basics: *

Offering reseller programs, ICANN Accredited Registrars are your best bet for a successful reseller business. Accredited Registrars are capable of providing you with the lowest pricing; furthermore they offer advanced and professional support. Some Registrars take services one step ahead by providing white labeled as well as private labeled support, which basically means your customers will think you are providing this support and that you are the final parent provider. Now that’s good service.

*ICANN Accredited Resellers*

Enom, Wild West Domains, Resellerclub, etc are some of the top ICANN Accredited Registrars that partner with resellers to broaden their market. Trusting a parent provider other than an ICANN Accredited Registrar or a Reseller under one can be extremely risky and in this high profit industry is not advised.

*Discounted Prices:*

Resellers partnered with ICANN Accredited Registrars are provided with extremely slashed prices which in turn maximizes profits. Look for a Registrar who provides good pricing so that you can compete with the veterans.


Another aspect to keep an eye on would be promotions that the registrar runs. More promotions equal’s higher discounts equals more profits equals happy customers equals good business. Constant promotions not only mean bringing in new customers but retaining existing ones.

A few pointers that I hope will help you with your business venture. Good luck!!

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