What Everybody Ought to Know About Info Domains

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A .info domain is a generic TLD , which stands for top level domain. The .info extension stands for .information and they were developed to be used for information websites. The domain is used for many purposes since there is no restriction on its use like .edu and .gov TLD. The .info domain was part of the ICANN release of new domains in 2000. It was meant to be an alternative option to the traditional domains, like the .com, .org, and .net, which were becoming over crowded.

The .info TLD has a reputation of being used by black hat SEOs to generate spam sites. This does not mean all .info domain websites are spam, but many spammers use .info domains due to their low cost. They’re able to buy hundreds or thousands of domains at a fraction of the cost of .com domains. Since spammers work high volume for success, .info domains a strong option.

The domain has been highly successful. The .info TLD has millions of registrations. One great benefit of the .info domain is that it is usually cheaper than a .com domain. During the early summer of 2008, Godaddy provided a sale where .info domains were sold for 99 cents.

Recently the 99 cent .info domain sale at Godaddy changed the domain landscape. Spammers purchased thousands of domains during the sale and Google was flooded with .info spam sites. Although Google does not admit to treating various .tld differently, Internet marketers started to see an effect on Google’s treatment of .info domains. Google seemed to raise the bar a little for .info. Many .info domains were having a hard time with indexing and rankings. Google seemed to be treating these domains differently in an attempt to slow down spammers.

This change has be seen by those running .info BANS sites. BANS is a store script called Build A Niche Store and can be used to promote the eBay affiliate program. Many Internet marketers have had a difficult time getting their .info BANS to index and rank. The change seems to be in response to the hundreds of BANS sites flooding SERPS using .info domains. Those who ran their .info domains as thin affiliate sites were having the most problems.

The .info domain is a solid option for anyone wanting to create an informative site or who needs a cheap domain. The domain does have a spam reputation, so extra effort will need to be made to prove the site is legit. As long as your .info is not spam, it will see the same level of success as a website on any other top level domain.

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