What Is a Domain and Why Do I Need One?

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The internet can be a wonderful thing in so many ways but if you have a product or service you want to sell, you not only need a website but a domain name. Much like a brick and mortar store needs an eye-catching storefront, a domain is a very effective tool that attracts and brings in the traffic you need to succeed.

Just as real world businesses need physical addresses in order for people to find them your internet website needs a way for people to find you. Your URL needs a host much like a house needs a foundation to stay put in one place. Hosting services are a bit like our highway system-they provide the infrastructure for web surfers to travel along in their searches what interests them.

If hosting services are highways, domain names are the attractions situated at the exits. They are easily recognizable and if you choose well it will be a name that tells traffic what to expect in a way that they can easily remember. If you were confronted with two websites how would you tell if they had what you needed? One may be listed as speed54.past.enginewas.com while another might read fastengines.ca. If you were looking for a site to buy an engine to restore a classic car, which one would you choose? The first is vague and might have what you want but the second is definitely descriptive enough to make you click on it to see what the site has to offer. And the name also tells you that you are going to a Canadian site rather than one across the world.

Those two URLs reflect different domains. The first belongs to a very vague domain name that doesn’t really tell you a lot. But “fastengines” tells you that if you don’t find it there, they probably have resources that will lead you to exactly what you’re looking for. The first domain is undoubtedly struggling while the second is certainly growing and doing a brisk, consistent business. It’s easy to find on the internet highway.

While you can have a domain without a website, you can’t have a website without being hosted by a domain. By owning your own domain you have a web server to store your files were you can make them available to visitors. You can rent space to other websites that sell products or services that complement your own; in other words you can make your own virtual shopping center with a steady stream of income.

Of course, you also want people to know where you are located. If you’re doing business out of Canada, you’ll want to go to http://www.dnforum.ca for the best available domain names in Canada. Just having the Canadian country code in your domain name will attract traffic that might otherwise move on to the next listing.

Adam Dicker is one of the world’s top domainers in terms of both ownership and understanding of the domain space. Adam is also the owner of the most popular domain forum DNForum.com. To learn more about buying and selling domains visit dnforum.com and signup today.

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