What is a Domain Name Reseller?

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Many people often think about the idea of becoming a domain reseller as being a complicated procedure when in fact the whole process is rather simple. The term reseller refers to a company or individual who purchases goods/services with the intention of selling them on as opposed to consuming or using them. This is usually done with the intention of making a profit.

Domain resellers are a perfect example of the definition of the term reseller domains. Resellers are individuals or companies who act as agents for ICANN accredited registrars. They either sell for commission or to make a profit. Domain name resellers are companies or individuals selling their own domain names. It is important that domain resellers are not confused with speculators. These speculators purchase many domain names with the intention of holding them and selling them at some future time for a high profit, where as reseller, by the very nature of their business are pretty much retailers.

Reselling domain names is a low cost way to enter the domain name market. If you are hoping to purchase reseller domain names or if you are hoping to become a domain reseller then it is important that you approach the situation via ICANN. ICANN are the international body that regulates the domain industry and it requires accredited companies to have certain levels of assets. Once a company is an accredited provider, they have access to lower cost registrations.

If you are hoping to become a domain name reseller you will need to have a reseller hosting account with a hosting company. You can then host all of your domains on that account as well as sell domains to other people. You can get your secondary accounts through internet marketing or offline marketing strategies.

An example of when it makes perfect sense to become a domain reseller is when you are a web designer or a web hosting company. Becoming a domain reseller holds great business potential. Whether you’re a web designer, developer or search marketing service, or you’re looking to establish your own domain management service, you could benefit from the help of an established provider.

Due to the recent increase in domain reseller companies more and more people are now turning to reseller domain companies; however, as previously mentioned, it is highly important that you opt for a domain reseller company who is ICANN accredited. This is because UK based ICANN registrars are trusted names in domain reselling who provide a number of support services. ICANN accredited registrars provide low wholesale prices, exceptional customer service, and state-of-the art IT infrastructure. This means you will be provided with the service and savings that you depend on to confidently become a reseller of domains.

Whatever your reason or need for using a domain reseller company it is important that you find a domain reseller that is best suited to your business or individual needs. Also remember to opt for a domain reseller company or business who is an ICANN accredited registrar.

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