What to Do When You Just Can’t Find the Right Domain Name For Your Small Business Website

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When it comes to creating a new website, finding that perfect domain name can seem like a real hassle.  After all, there are so many websites online these days, it can quickly seem like all the good domain names are already taken.  Not to worry.  Here are a few tips to help you find that perfect domain name for your new site.

1. Look for Domains Based on What People Are Searching For

Check to see how people are searching for whatever it is that you offer online.  Use a tool like the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to get this type of info.  Then, use those terms plus a .com to see if any of them are available.

2. Choose a Different Domain Extension

I was just working with a client who is interested in a domain where the .com is already taken.  If this happens to you, I suggest trying to get the .net or .org version instead if either is available.  The .net is probably the 2nd choice for most people and doesn’t appear as spammy as something like .info.  And .org is used for regular websites and for actual organizations, so people don’t tend to feel wary of those either.

3. Add Words to the Beginning or End of Your Ideal Domain Name

One of the best things to do in a pinch is add a word to the front or back of the domain name.  Not only can this help you find something that’s actually available, but you might even be able to create a domain name that’s got some real pulling power from a copywriting standpoint.  It might even be better than your original idea and will still have the core term you were interested in.  I suggest using a tool like www.makewords.com to quickly come up with lots of variations.  That tool allows you to enter a keyword phrase, then it will add prefixes and suffixes to the term and see which combinations are available.  All you have to do is go through the list and choose the best one for your new website.

TIP: Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the screen and try some of the other groups of keywords they’ve already put together.  The initial search is just one of the many searches you can try using their service.

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