What’s A Domain Registrar?

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Finding your own space in the World Wide Web these days is as easy as frying a hotdog. In fact, the Internet seems to be teeming with a lot of space that only wait to be occupied by the billion people in the planet. You have blogs, social networking sites and website platforms to choose from. What you need to do is simply register your name and email address and then configure a password. Then voila, you have your own little web space. But if you really and seriously want to take up a noticeable space in the Web, then what you should prefer is a website of your own with of course a unique domain.

Actually, the process of creating your own website with your unique domain name is very much like putting up a blog. You need to be good with HTML and web content of course but essentially, you can put it up within a day. However, there is a tiny tricky part and that is to get your domain name registered. This is where you would have to learn about domain registrar.

A domain registrar is mainly a service that you enlist to register the domain name you want and eventually own it. This means that when you are done with the domain registrar, your website’s domain name would be yours and yours alone. No one else would be allowed to register the same domain name so you can be sure that you would be easily identified with it.

Domain registrars allow you to own your domain name for at least a decade but there are host sites that require annual payments, like space rentals, for you to continue using your name. Some hosts even forfeit a domain registration in the event that you fail to pay for it. Before registering, you need to ensure that the domain registrar you are accessing is accredited by the ICANN or the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. This would guarantee that the domain registrar is a legal entity and your domain name would be put to good use.

With the rise of the Internet age, it has become rather important for most people to create their own web space. It is not bad as long as you take care of it and of your reputation. So contact a reliable domain registrar now and ensure your own space. Most successful business owners today has website and to have a website is to get first a domain.

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