What’s in a Web Site Domain Name?

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When it comes to success on the internet, no matter what business you choose, having the right domain name is a thing you should never over look as “Just one of those things”

A correctly thought out domain could easily make or break you in your marketing campaigns and more important your search engine ranking. The domain name is a vital tool in your marketing both on line and off line too.

How many times have you been talking to friends or associates and founds that your in a position to tell them about your business and have no laptop , business cards or products around you. Thats where your domain names come in very handy indeed.

Just imagine the conversation…”Oh yes John I have a web site…why not check it out” …and John will say ” alright I will…whats the domain name”….Your reply ( if not thought about will be ) mycrazyincome dot com/great/site/please/go here/

See what I mean?

No if you had a product or promotion for lets say a video product then you could quit simply say “check it out at globalvideosecrets dot com.

Just make it roll off your tongue and easy to remember.

Even if you don’t have your very own product and your promoting affiliate products you can still have a re-direct or forwarding from your affiliate long domain to your smaller , easier to remember domain name.

So in summary here are the points you need to think about when creating your domain:

1. Think about your product when choosing

2. Make it easy to remember

3. Always try to go for a dot com

4. Avoid – or under score or numbers in your domain name.

5. Finally…..make it a keyword sourced title (make it want people to go there)

If you need help on this (ie Keywords) look at my bio for more details.

I hope you have found this useful.

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