Why Are Reverse DNS Search Sites Used?

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A reverse DNS (domain name server) search is similar to a reverse phone search in that it is designed to find information linked to a group of numbers. However, unlike a reverse phone lookup that searches a telephone number, a reveres DNS lookup conducts a search with an IP address.

An IP (internet protocol) address is a computer’s numeric address (I.E. that is converted into a domain name (I.E. Google.com) by a domain name server. Every server that is connected to the internet is given a unique IP address. Therefore, a reverse DNS search queries domain name servers in an attempt to discover a match.

Why is a reverse DNS search used? A reverse DNS lookup can be utilized for a number of reasons, but the most common reasons are:

• Network troubleshooting assistance – Reverse DNS search was very useful for SMTP e-mail, and website tools used to track users, for instance, in the case of internet forums. Essentially, reverse domain name searches provided assistance in the same manner that tracerouting and pinging is helpful in regards to network support.

• Anti-spam – This service is often used by individuals to check up on the domain name of a certain sender of spam emails, so that it can be determined whether the spammer is likely connected to dialup customers, home-based broadband customers, or if the individual has dynamically assigned addresses. Many, but not all, spam emails start off from servers that have missing “generic” reverse domain name server lookup names.

• Verifying the Forward Confirmed reverse DNS (FCrDNS) format – This verification in FCrDNS format permits a style of authentication that is connected between the server owner, IP address provider, and the domain name owner. Even though this technique is not completely thorough, it is accurate enough in validation that it is often utilized for white-listing, as a lot of spammers and phishers use “zombie computers” that cannot escape this type of a test.

Thus, if you would like to match an IP address with a domain name server, all you will require is the IP address, which you will enter into the search box provided on a reverse DNS search site. With any luck you’ll achieve successful results.

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