Why Choosing a Niche in the Domain Trading Market Will Help You Sell the Domains You Own

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While selling domains at the low level market prices are not a big deal, one can sell a domain in the domain name forums for couple of dollars. There is usually limitation for the number of sales he can do and the amount of money he can get in that specific level, because of the low ROI and the fact he needs to sell a lot of domains to buy a domain that will push him towards the high domain market.

Most of the successful domainers in the industry agree that choosing a niche and sticking with it, will help a domainer to succeed faster because of the benefits of having a niche.

Here are some of the benefits of having a niche in the domain name market:

Choosing a niche in the enormous domain trading market is one of the definite must. The reasons for that are that there are many domains in the market and without some kind of uniqueness, a new domain name trader have no real advantage above other domain traders in the industry.

When you are small it’s hard to have any power to sell the domains you own, unless you have a niche. If you can build a niche then you have a point of differentiation from others, and you know better who are your potentials costumers and where they can be found.

I suggest investigating even more, trying to search for other domainers in the same or related niche. That way you can find out what is your competition in that niche and maybe you can create some kind of joint venture that will help you and your partners to achieve more success with your doubled effort.

With that concentration, you gain some power if you take the time to learn your market well and build a niche targeted domain portfolio. If you get enough in that one area of your choice, you can directly recruit advertisers, get special CPA deals, and build a common brand.

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