Why Have a .Ca Domain?

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With all the choices of extension you have when registering your domain you may wonder why, if you live in Canada, you should have a .ca extension. After all, you’re in the virtual world so why should you pay attention to where you domain name says you are located?

Having a .ca extension will increase your appearance in search engine results. This is because many people will specify a location when they are looking for something. Rather than typing in “ski poles”, many people will use the term “ski poles in Canada” or “Canadian ski pole stores”. This saves them the frustration of finding exactly what they want only to find out that they have to order from a store in Sweden or some other country. Search engines will look for the .ca extension when the search terms contain the words Canada or Canadian.

There is also an advantage when it comes to email. Your domain includes email accounts and when a client receives an email from (yourname@)skipoles.ca it is much more effective and credible than an email from (yourname@)arandomemailprovider.com. With every email you send you are advertising your domain to the recipient’s subconscious and you are sure to be remembered.

The .ca extension has been around since 1987 and is now the 17th biggest type of domain on the internet. Recently, .ca domains roared past the one million mark! There are good reasons for the popularity of .ca domains and CIRA has been forced to conduct random audits to insure that any given .ca domain truly belongs to a Canadian!

These audits are necessary because 3 out of 4 Canuck web surfers prefer to do business with .ca domains. They feel that they can trust domains with that extension and that they are more secure in their financial dealings than they would be with a.com, .net or an extension from another country. In fact, a 2005 study showed that for every $100 Canadians have spent online they spent $63 of that with .ca websites.

The availability of domain names is another advantage of having a .ca extension. Let’s say you want your domain to be called Jim’s Outdoor Goods. Chances are that if you look into a.com or.net extension you’ll see every possible variation of that name, making it impossible for you to have anything close to it. Since .ca passed the one million mark relatively recently there are many more choices open to you. In fact, that’s why many potential domain owners try to get the .ca extension even if they are not from Canada-there are more naming choices open to you with the .ca extension than with nearly any other.

Adam Dicker is one of the world’s top domainers in terms of both ownership and understanding of the domain space. Adam is also the owner of the most popular domain forum DNForum.com. To learn more about buying and selling domains visit DNForum.com and signup today.

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