Why Is It Important to Renew Domain Names

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For those building an online business, it is vitally important to renew domain names early. We often do not think to renew domain names usually because they are generally inexpensive to do, yet it is important for more reasons that you might initially realise. Consider the effort and work you put into building your online business is founded on your domain address, much like a brick and mortar store is founded on their street address. When they move any distance away, they lose some customers who do not know how to find them. When you don’t renew domain names, you will be losing your entire business and potentially starting from scratch.

How will your customers know where to find you if your domain name expires? Even if you have decided to switch websites and domain addresses, many of your customers will go to your old domain name and not find any information to know where you are now. This is especially important for older customers who may not have purchased from you in a while, but still have your old domain name bookmarked for reference. In these situations, they might try to look your new URL on a search engine site, but then again they might think you’ve gone out of business and look for someone else.

Another reason to renew domain names is that you are essentially starting from scratch when rebuilding your presence on the web. Your search engine ranking will have to start all over again as you try to climb back up and re-establish your ranking. This means losing even more customers than the ones you had because new potential customers will be harder pressed to find you.

One aspect to renew domain names is one many people do not immediately consider and that is changing your email addresses as well. Your clients and customers who are your primary contacts through email will now have their messages returned without knowing your new email address. This means potential email orders and possible client contacts for more business are now gone.

Plus, many of your internet services such as online banking will have to be changed as well. Given the number of services that many businesses use, it can be quite easy to lose track of all of them and wind up not receiving important information from services that have not been updated to your new email address. The thought of missing an important bill or payment from letting your domain name and email address go is certainly one to make you pause and consider that the relatively low cost to renew domain addresses can be far more beneficial than you first might think.

Consider another aspect when businesses do not renew domain names, anyone else can take them over. This means your old domain address can be taken by one that receives website traffic meant for you. When you consider that on average 15% of non-renewed domain addresses are picked up by someone else within a single day and almost 8% within 10 seconds, the idea that someone else is either getting business that should have been yours or worse yet, constructing a website that might be “spam” related or worse could damage your business image.

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