Why You Must Register A Domain Name

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When you want to start a new conventional business, you will normally need your own stall and warehouse to sell your products. Fortunately, you do not require a costly stall to start an online business. However, you will need to register a domain to build your online business. A domain name serves the same function as the warehouse and stalls in conventional business. So what benefits can a domain name bring to your online business?

What is a domain name?
According to the definition in the dictionary, a domain name is a name that identifies a website or group of websites on the Internet. The owner of a particular domain has the control in the Internet. On the other words, owning a domain is just like having your own shop to run your business. You have the full authority to do whatever you want on your website such as selling your products, promoting an affiliate link and writing a blog. Therefore, if you do not have a domain, your activities will be restricted. For example, if you build a business online on a free blog service such as Blogspot.com, you cannot promote your affiliate links because it will be considered as spam. So, registering a domain is compulsory to start an online business.

Why the domain name is important?
First, a unique domain name helps your website to build credibility on the Web. There is a huge difference between setting up a business in the public location that you share with thousands of other stores and owning your own store. Of course, if you are going to run a website that is not to make a profit, owning a domain is not necessary. However, you will find your website is easier to be noticed by visitors if you register one.

In conventional business, location is always one of the most important issues needed to be considered seriously. Unlike traditional business, online marketing does not possess such a thing called “prime location” in which to set up a store or business. A good domain name can place your business on an equal footing with Microsoft regardless your business size. It does not matter if your site is administered by a large team out of elegant offices or by one person in a spare room.

Besides that, domain names are portable. It is just like a signboard that points to your site. If you want to look for a better deal or if the service you are currently using is unsatisfactory, you can change the web hosting services easily with small technical adjustments, then the domain name will point to your “new” site. The main point here is that none of your visitors’ bookmarks will need to change. This advantage is exclusively for the people who own a domain name.

In addition, domain names can increase your promotion chances and visibility of your website on the Web. When you register a domain name, you can choose the common keywords in order to increase the ranking in search results by Google or others’ major search engine. Without a domain, you may not be accepted by large web directories, which list or review websites. This is because most of these web directories deny the website that does not have its own domain.

Next, domain name is easier to be remembered. Because you create your own name, you can use a name that is easier to remember. For example, you are running a make money affiliate website, and then you may use the name affiliate-master.com to allow people to remember your website without bookmarking it. Furthermore, you definitely do not wish your website URL appears like this: affiliate-master.wordpress.com instead of affiliate-master.com. Register a domain can, therefore, make your website become more professional and reliable.

Lastly, registering a domain can also allow you to target certain niches. As an illustration, if your online business is targeting building muscle, then you may want to include generic keywords in your domain such as buildmuscle.com and gain-muscle.com.

After all, registering a domain is a mandatory task before you start your online business. There have no excuses to deny owning a domain name since it really brings a lot of benefits. Do not hesitate and do it now!

Marcus Lee is the online marketer who provides education and information of online marketing at Marcus’s Online Marketing. Visit his blog at http://marcus-online-marketing.com/ for more information on the technique and skills of making money online.

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