Why You Should Have Your Own Domain Name

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In today’s world, it is important that you have a domain name either for your business or individual use. Even if you have not yet built a website, ensure that you register a domain name for your business or individual use.

Every day, domain name registrations are made; it is probable that the domain name you would have wished to use has been taken up. It is therefore important that you sign up for yours sooner rather than later. Once you have signed up for your domain name, ensure that you start using it by creating email addresses for yourself or for your colleagues in case it is a business.

Some businesses are still using free email addresses provided by Yahoo and hotmail. They might be free but the disadvantage is that a potential client might have doubts about seeking your service or buying your product if you gave them a Yahoo address as a contact address. So acquire a professional image and build trust with your customers and would-be customers by having your own domain name. Once you have your own domain name, clients should be able to visit your website and email you. For your website to be viewed and for you to receive emails, you need to have your domain name hosted or reachable via a computer server.

It has now become a trend that people and companies host their sites with reliable web hosts because it can be expensive both in terms of equipment costs and maintenance to host your website yourself. So identify a reliable web host and let them host your domain and website. The cost of reliable domain and web hosting is affordable and so you should consider this.

With your domain name, you can design your website as you wish. Is it a php site or an ordinary html site? Do you wish to run a MySQL database? You should customize your site to your satisfaction. There is affordable web hosting that caters for a vast array of website features and capabilities like php, MySQL, password protected directories, email auto responders, etc.

With your own domain name, you can promote your site and optimize it for the search engines. This is advantageous because if you optimize your site well, you will get listed in major search engines. Many search engines and directories shun sites hosted at free hosting servers because they are usually hosted together with many other types of sites. The search engines do not recognize your site as being a unique entity. This wounds your search engine campaigns.

So acquire your domain name and have it hosted with an affordable and reliable web host and upload your website and configure email addresses at your own domain.

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