WhyPark Review – An Alternative Approach To Parking Domain Names

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Talking to people from the industry it seems more and more people are turning to unconventional parking providers like WhyPark these days to monetize their domain names.

With the Yahoo based parking providers including Parked.com abitrage ban – which basically means that if

your domain has traffic coming from sources other then search engine or direct type in traffic, you will not get paid – people are searching for alternative domain parking services to pay for their clicks.

It is true. If you have a domain name which is heavily linked or you are driving traffic to it from some cheap PPC campaign and you are parking it with a conventional parking provider – you will get zilch for any clicks that result from traffic coming from those sources!

Problems With Conventional Domain Parking

Recently, Yahoo issued a ban on all arbitrage traffic. What this means that the only clicks that get paid by all Yahoo based parking provides (Parked, NameDrive etc) are the clicks that result from traffic coming from direct url traffic or search engines. Anything else – including traffic from links or PPC campaigns, will not be paid. It is only a matter of time before other parking providers issue a similar ban.

How WhyPark Works

WhyPark allows you to host up to 100 domains to be parked on the one account . All you are required to do is to transfer the domain in question DNS to those of WhyPark, enter the main keywords for the domain name and enter your Google Adsense / YSM details. The WhyPark automated system then generates fresh content based on those keywords. The website created is optimized for search engine indexing.

If you wish to learn more about WhyPark parking services you can visit this WhyPark review.

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