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WhyPark is a recent product release in terms of paid domain parking services. Parking domains was once a very profitable way to make money from unused domain names. Google and other leading search engines have recently changed their algorithms so traditional domain parking sites were penalised- some even blacklisted. In response to this, WhyPark was released to provide a SEO friendly method of parking domains, and counter the recent restrictions made by Google.

The Problem With Traditional Domain Parking

Once upon a time it was relatively simple to park a domain name, and drive revenue from it. Once the trend caught every domain service suddenly started offering parking services, as an additional way to lure in domain name buyers. The concept is great in theory – buy a domain name now, park it and earn money while you design and prepare your website for launch.

The problem however was that all these domain parked sites had the same look and feel- essentially they were ‘link farms’ – just a bunch of ads with no real content. Google has decided such sites detract from user experience, and for that reason they have been penalized. I myself have had a handful of domain names blacklisted for this exact reason.

How WhyPark Works

WhyPark allows up to 100 domains to be parked on the one account . All one needs to do is transfer the name servers to those of WhyPark, enter the main keywords for the domain name and enter your Google Adsense / YSM details. The WhyPark system then auto generates a fresh content rich website based on the keywords and optimised for search engine indexing. WhyPark state that they return 100% of the revenue to the user which sounds appealing- however near impossible to prove. The websites created via WhyPark have a nice feel and professional look, however there is not a great deal of variety.

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