Will You Get Higher Google Ranking for Registering Domain Names for 2 Years or More?

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In a bid to increase their revenue, some registrars state that it would help our websites to rank better in search engines, particularly Google, if we were to register our domain names for more than a year.

But according to Matt Cutts, Google’s software engineer who specializes in search engine optimization issues, Google doesn’t rank a page or site based on the age how many years its domain name has registered for. They do look at the historical data of the site to determine its quality.

In other words, if your website is brand new and you buy the domain for say, 5 years, you’ll still appear as a new site to Google because you do not have a past track record yet. Don’t you think it’s a bit shallow for Google (or any other search engines) to consider the age of a domain as one of its ranking factors?

Some people even speculate that if they were to register for more than 2 years, they’ll escape the so-called “sandbox effect”. That’s not true.

Whenever I create a new site with a new domain, once Google indexes my site, I would see my site start ranking on the top few pages. And the ranking climbs when I get more backlinks via article marketing and social networking. Simple as that.

Having said all that, don’t fall for the gimmicks by those domain registrars.

Imagine you’re not sure whether you’re going to use this particular domain name for long term, and you buy it straight for 3 years just because someone says that the age of domain name helps in your site ranking, then after few months or so you found a better name that complements your business model better, you would have wasted the extra 2 years.

No doubt it may cost you only an extra $10 per year, but this could add up to your business cost if you need to buy multiple domains for business expansion.

You should buy a domain name for more than 1 year only if you feel strongly that it is what you’ve been looking for and are going to use for years or even life. I always register for one year first for any new domain and then will assess its relevance and usability to my business model, as well as whether it’s a good brand name that makes people remember easily and return to my website more often.

If I find it not appropriate after months of evaluation, I will not renew this domain name and will create a new one to replace. Speaking of renewal, remember to set it to auto if you want to keep it alive or manual if you decide to let it “die”.

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