Write a Domain Sales Letter to the End User – 4 Tips to Do it Right

November 24, 2011 by  Filed under: Domain 

I know there is a quiet misunderstanding in the way a domain sales letter should be written when writing a sales letter to the potential end user. I have seen lot of newbies in the domain forums asking the same question: “How should I write my sales letter so I get response and manage to make a sale?”

The answer is simple, but not that simple as you think it may be. You have to take some time to think what your expectations are with that specific domain name that you want to sell, and by that I mean what is the price you will accept for that domain.

Some points you need to remember:

1. Be realistic – do not let your greed take control, if a domain worth $500 to the end users, do not expect he will pay $2,000 for it, most of the cases he won’t.

2. Don’t be ridicules – I remember when I was new to domains, I thought that my stupid domain worth $1,000,000, and as soon as I start reading about domains, I realized that max they worth is a registration fee and that was in a good day.

3. When you write your domain sales letter I suggest you set yourself a minimum price and write it on the letter. Make it look like that is a offer you already got, so it look reliable.

4. Write each letter for the specific end user; make a research on each potential end user so you know what you are talking about. I mean, learn the niche of that end user well before trying to sell the domain to him.

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