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Look everywhere, do you see how many people have computers at their homes? Almost everyone. In this age, we are in the modern world of internet, whether communicating, selling, advertising and so on.

Families who are separated by work schedules talk to each other online. Friends who want to update themselves go to internet cafes. Even those people who make new friends, make new friends online. Are you one of them?

Now, have you ever thought of setting up an online store? It is in fact possible. You can. But you should have your own website, with your own domain name, so you can sell your products online. Do you have a domain name? If you do not have one yet, get one. I made a website for myself. You can make money online, it is possible to sell to people who are physically away from you. They do not have to travel to go to your store, they can just log in to your online store! How would you like that? It will make it easy for you and your customers without so much hassles. They can even save time shopping online.

Do you want your own website? What domain names do you want? You can decide for any domain name you can think of. It is your decision. No one else can make a website name for you, but you. Start now and get one. Make your own website. It will be the best thing you can do.

In my website, it is possible for me to have ten email addresses which I can share to my family or to anyone I want. But I am only using two for now. How good it is to have one email address or ten email addresses at your own domain you can have for life. So good.

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