Your Domain Name Is Your Brand

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I bet nine times out of ten its not the Domain Name, its the advertisement, once you like what you see on a site then you remember the Domain.

It always amazes me how some Domain Name are worth so much money why? Not because the name is worth anything its because some people have more money than sense so don’t get rapped up in the hype, because if you buy a $10 domain that’s

exactly what is worth $10,if you buy a Domain for $1000 its still only worth $10 the only reason people pay so much for

a Domain is because they are trying to get ahead of the game by using an already well known name, and that’s fair enough,

but it doesn’t always work, its no good having a fantastic Domain Name and a crappy website.

You must treat your Domain as your Brand, when you first start out your name is worth nothing, its your product, your

image and service, that people first take note of, sell a great product with a great service and people will remember you

no matter what your name is, so when choosing a Domain name choose a name that represents you, what you want to be

remembered by, if its catchy great, if its short great, but its really not that important, I mean come on what sort of a

name is Google or youtube yet I bet there are a million people out there right now wishing that was their name “wrong”

I bet there’s a million people out there right now wishing they had their business because the Domain on its own doesn’t

mean anything.

So people please get off this special Domain Name thing, its not a magic word to bring in traffic, concentrate your

efforts on some of the more important things, like the content of your site because that is what is going to make your

website great and that is what will get people wishing they had thought of your Domain Name

Good Luck

Mick Smith

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