Your Own Domain Name – The Absolute Basics

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A domain name in its simplest form is the name you put upon your website so people know that they are in the right place.

There are so many different views on how important a domain name is for the future success of your website if your plans are to monetize it.

Of course if you do not have any plans to make money from your website you can get any domain name you want. However; regardless if you want to monetize your website or not, it would be best to at the very least get a domain name that somewhat relates to what your website is going to be all about. But, that is a bit down the road if you follow what I am about to suggest.

I am going to suggest something that I have never heard suggested before and it is this, if this is your very first voyage into the world of websites and working with the Internet I suggest that you just buy your name dot com.

So let’s say your name is John Smith then you would buy a domain that would look like this,

Why do I tell you to buy your first domain using your name? It is simply to allow you to use it as a trial domain. I tell beginners to start out like you are a kindergartner playing with finger paint.

Have fun learning about how to build websites etc. So after you get your domain name, you will then have to buy hosting, then you will be best served to put up a blog using your domain name which at this point is your own name.

So then you will learn to put up your own blog and all that goes with making a site that you are very proud of. But hey, let’s say you make a blunder and screw it all up? No big deal, there is a way you can erase it and start all over.

You cannot break anything, so no harm no foul.

That takes the stress out of the whole ordeal right? Knowing that there is almost nothing that cannot be undone, just like if you were finger-painting and you did not like what you had seen, you just get out a new sheet of paper and start all over again.

If you start with this method you will learn so much along the way, so that when you are ready to get serious building an online business you will have learned in a way that is less stressful, and fun.

By the way, if you want to learn more about the absolute basics about building an Internet business visit

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